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Online Courses:

  • Basic Safeguarding Children

  • Health and Safety 

  • Manual Handling of Objects

  • Food Safety - Level 1

Paediatric First Aid:

12 hour course - Done over two days or half online and 1 day in person 

6 hour course - One Day

Meets the Ofsted early years and childcare register requirements. Designed for Nannies, childminders, Nurseries and School staff, parents and much more.

Parents First Aid workshops:

3 hour workshop

Designed for parents who want to know how  to deliver emergency treatment to children at home and outside in an emergency situation includes, Choking, CPR, Meningitis and more.


Basic Life Support:

Short course covering CPR

Emergency First Aid at Work:

1 day course  includes written assessment - This course is designed for those who need training in emergency first aid particularly nominated first aiders.

First Aid at Work:

3 day course with assessment - This course suits people and businesses who require an in depth first aid experience.


Under 16s Essential First Aid and Safety workshops:

First aid for children and young people under the age of 16. This course teaches children and young people how to keep safe and deal with an emergency situation.

Course Dates and Availability:

*We run courses for individuals 2/3 times every month and for large organisations we can come to you providing in house training at your convenience based on date availability*


To arrange a Course call or email one of our dedicated team.

Course Costs:

Online Courses                                            £19.95 per course

Parent courses

3 hours                                                            £15 if venue provided

3 hours                                                            £25 at our location


Paediatric First aid (OFSTED):

6 hours                                                            £65

12 hours                                                         £120


Basic Life Support                                      £30


Emergency First aid at work                    £90


First Aid at Work                                          £180

Under 16s First Aid and Safety Workshop  £25


All above costs are for individuals/per person

For customised in house training or group quotes please contact us

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