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Our Instructors

At Direct Steps Training we want to increase the awareness of first aid with individuals personally and across businesses in all industries. Our aim is to give people the knowledge and confidence to apply the first aid skills learnt on our courses in an emergency situation. Which could save a life, prevent further injuries and help people identify early symptoms of illness. We train both Paediatric First Aid courses and Emergency First Aid at work. Our first aid trainers come from various industries including retail, early years and finance which means we understand your businesses first aid needs and deliver tailored training courses to suit your company. Our trainers are qualified and experienced Instructors in training adults . Many of our school/nursery trainers have worked in the early years industry themselves helping them to understand your needs.


Direct Steps

First Aid Providers

We believe that first aid is an essential life skill. So we here at Direct Steps training want to ensure that everyone leaving our courses whether a parent, childminder,gym instructor, catering professional, building manager, school teacher or any other appointed first aider have been delivered a professional, personable service with an in depth knowledge of how to identify illnesses and deliver first aid  in an emergency situation confidently.

Direct Steps Training were able to arrange an in house training for 21 of our school staff, with only a weeks notice. Both trainers were fun, friendly and extremely knowledgable. They made the course really easy to understand. We have done first aid courses before but this is the first time the entire team felt confident about what they learnt!





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